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2003 Season

The 2003 B.A. football season was the first ever played in the B-CAL. The Scorpions did not have a home field this year and played all 5 games on the road.

The season started rough as BA lost its opener to Florida College 18-12.Ryan Griffin hit Marissa Kazbour and Griffin later broke free on a 25 yard scoring run, but it was not enough. Griffin had 2 int's on defense. It would be the last game the Scoprions would lose.

Going on the road, B.A. defeated King's Ave Christian 44-6, a point total that is still the highest in B.A. football history. George Sunderlnd threw 3 td passes, Kazbour threw and caught a td and Callum Townsend had a td catch and an int.

Next was wins over COR (20-7), and 19-6 over Central Baptist. In this game, Saeed Gordon scored the famous "backwards td" from 55 yards out! The final game of the season was a 26-0 win over FISH. Marissa Kazbour scored 2 td's and Mike Fandry scored on a 70 yard punt retun.

B.A. finished 4-1

Season stats:QB - Griffin 5 td's, Sunderland 4, Kazbour 2, Sean Regin 1

      TD's: Kazbour 5 td's, Griffin 3, C.Townsend 3, Chris Hollifield 2, Mike Fandry 2, Travis Ellis , Steele 1, Gordon 1, Stephen Leshko 1

1 point conversions: Steele2, Gordon 1, Kazbour 1, Townsend 1, Anthony Riveria 1, Nasser Musa 1.

INT- Kazbour 4, Griffin 3, Towsend 1.

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