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Second Grade

Welcome to Second Grade at Brandon Academy.  This class continues to enhance the skills covered in the areas of reading, math, writing/spelling, science, and social studies.  In addition to these core subjects, students take music, art, computer and physical education. Please see below for more information about each core subject

Reading - Students in 2nd grade reading continue to develop their fluency skills and reading strategies to independently comprehend age-appropriate reading materials.

Beginning of the Year
  • Students are able to identify important ideas, sequence events in a story, and make predictions
  • Students can create summaries based on what they have read, with help
  • Students should be reading beginning chapter books
  • Students can read grade level text with accuracy and appropriate pace
Middle of Year
  • Students continue to build on comprehension skills and are beginning to apply those skills to independent reading
  • Students are able to draw conclusions from reading material. (Synthesizing and summarizing fiction and non-fiction text)
End of the Year
  • Students can apply reading comprehension skills in student led reading group
  • Identifying and defining important vocabulary words
  • Finding main ideas and supporting details
  • Making connections to their selves, the world and other texts
  • Student can read chapter books  above grade level with appropriate pace, accuracy and expression.


Language Arts - Students will experience a variety of styles of writing and further develop their writing pieces by focusing on adding more details.

Beginning of the Year
  • Students are able to follow the steps of the writing process, including planning, drafting, revising, editing and publishing.
  • Students can write 5-6 sentences on topic.
  • Students are able to uses correct capitalization, punctuation and conventional spelling in various forms of writing
Middle of the Year
  • Students are able to develop a beginning, middle and end in a writing piece.
  • Students can add more elaborate details in their writing.
  • Students begin to learn cursive writing
End of the Year
  • Writing becomes more descriptive and complex.
  • Students are able to write 3 or more paragraphs on topic.


Math - Students in 2nd grade math will develop a strong multiplication foundation, and continue to develop number sense, including place value to the hundred thousands, and build on addition and subtraction skills.  Second grade students work a grade level ahead in a 3rd grade math book.

Beginning of the Year
  • Add and subtract one and two digit numbers, with regrouping
  • Add three digit numbers, with regrouping
  • Tell time to the hour and half hour
  • Count money using pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollars
  • Understand place value, including ones, tens and hundreds place
  • Can read and interpret bar graphs, pictographs, and tally charts
Middle of the Year
  • Subtract three digit numbers, with regrouping
  • Tell time to the minute
  • Graphs- bar, pictograph, line plot and tally chart
  • Place value to hundred-thousands
  • Understands how to use repeated addition to multiply
End of the Year
  • Can explain verbally how to solve problems
  • Can do single digit multiplication
  • Understand division by separating objects into equal groups
  • Begin to understand multiple- digit multiplication


Social Studies - Students explore concepts of culture and community in 2nd grade social studies.

Topics include:
  • Communities and Maps
  • Government
  • Native Americans, Columbus and Pilgrims
  • Holidays around the World (focus on Christmas and Kwanzaa)
  • States and Capitals
  • Influential People


Science - In 2nd grade science, students will explore a variety of topics through experiments, discussion, field trips and projects.

Topics include:
  • Pollution and Weather
  • Plants and Animals
  • Sounds and Magnets
  • Dinosaurs
  • Ocean Life