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High School

The High School Program at Brandon Academy was created during the 2015-2016 school year. Its main goal is to educate young people in an environment of respect in a challenging university preparatory program. We offer a variety of AP (Advanced Placement) courses throughout the four years in order for students to excel in college and beyond.

BA has developed a Scholars Program that provides students who are particularly focused and engaged in a certain area to explore these interests in depth through guided coursework, extracurricular opportunities, and rigorous, independent research. The application process begins in the fall of sophomore year, with program selections determined the following spring. Students who successfully complete all requirements in a Scholars Program will graduate with distinction. Students may only pursue one concentration. 

Creative Scholars Program

The goal of the Creative Scholars Program is to marshal the creative energies of the students to create original student work. This can be anything from a screen play or musical score to an art exhibit or poetry slam. Students should be talented and passionate in either the Written, Visual, or Performing Arts and be dedicated to completing additional coursework in these areas. Each spring, the Creative Scholars cohort will put on an original, student-led production, with each member of the cohort contributing in the area(s) of his or her strength. Students interested in pursuing one of these areas in college are encouraged to apply, since the goal of this program is to create a body of work that can be submitted as a portfolio to post-secondary institutions.

Human Performance Scholars Program

The goal of the Human Performance Scholars Program is to introduce students to the multidisciplinary nature of sport science. It will provide an understanding and overview of the role and importance of sport, exercise and health. Human performance as a discipline, and the needed skills in various sub- disciplines will be examined along with career opportunities. Possible career areas include athletic administration, athletic training, sport psychology, strength & conditioning, personal training, coaching at high school and collegiate levels, and occupational/physical therapy. Students will be required to do an internship in their area of interest. This blend of coursework, research and practical experience will assist the student in determining their specific interest in the Sport and Exercise Science field

Global Scholars Program

The goal of the Global Scholars Program is to inspire students to explore global issues more fully both in the classroom and through community and international learning opportunities. This program will identify students interested in pursuing Global Studies or wishing to distinguish themselves by showing greater international preparedness and competency, achieved through fostering an understanding of the world, its people, and the issues that affect the quality of life enjoyed.

Students who fulfill the requirements of the three-year program will earn a Global Scholars endorsement on their BA diplomas, attesting that they have completed requirements within each of the following rigorous areas: cross-cultural experience, service learning, world language proficiency, specialized global coursework, interdisciplinary Senior Seminar, and local community participation. The benchmarks are tailored to prepare students for future opportunities in college programs that aspire to similar goals at competitive colleges.

STEM Scholars Program

The United States has developed as a global leader, in large part, through the genius and hard work of its scientists, engineers, and innovators. In a world that’s becoming increasingly complex, where success is driven not only by what you know, but by what you can do with what you know, it’s more important than ever for our youth to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to solve tough problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and make sense of information. These are the types of skills that students learn by studying science, technology, engineering, and math—subjects collectively known as STEM. The goal of the STEM Scholars program is to immerse students in the world of math, science, engineering, and computer science studies. Although opportunities for growth are available for all students in these areas, the STEM Scholars program will help students make connections between various courses with an emphasis on problem-solving, exploring through experimentation, research-based learning, and applying their skill base in activities that extend beyond the classroom.


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