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Brandon Academy Athletics


Brandon Academy Athletics has a long tradition that has been allowing boys and girls to participate in various sports for over 20 years. Our program gives students a way to develop and enhance their skills while fostering a sense of community among the players. We emphasize the concept of team in all our sports. No matter your skill level, a student gets the opportunity to be a member of a group who share a common goal. We believe in a no cut policy so any student who wishes to play has the opportunity. This allows our students to create bonds outside the classroom.

Brandon Academy high school program has been around since the division began in the fall of 2015, and it continues to grow. We are fully accredited by the FHSAA (Florida High School Athletic Association). Students in middle school may be able to participate in our high school sports depending on availability.
Brandon Academy currently participates in the following high school level sports:
Girls Volleyball - Fall 
Girls Basketball - Winter
Boys Basketball – Winter
Girls Flag Football - Spring
Boys Volleyball - Spring
The Brandon Academy middle school program is divided into two areas and is open to boys and girls. Our Silver team is open to students in grades 4-6 and our Navy team is open to students in grades 7-8. BA is one of the founding members of the Tampa Bay Christian Athletic League (TB-CAL). We participate in the following middle school sports:
Volleyball (coed)
Soccer (coed)
Flag Football (coed)
Basketball (boys and girls)
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Brian Galzerano
Athletic Director
(813) 689-1952 ext. 111


Diana Wisth
Assistant Athletic Director
(813) 689-1952 ext. 109