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Our Brandon Academy alumni have gone on to fabulous places.  

Our students have attended such universities and colleges as MIT, Columbia, University of Cal Berkley, Florida, Florida State, South Florida, Central Florida, and Florida Atlantic.  

Some of students have found careers in medical, architecture and engineering, aerospace, law, education to name a few.

We love hearing from our alumni. If you are a former BA student, we'd love to hear from you and find out what you are doing.  You may email us at Check back frequently as we plan to highlight former BA students as we hear from them

Alumni Spotlight

Steven Keys (Class of 2004) attended BA from 1st to 8th grade). He graduated with a degree in Physics from University of Florida and his masters in Science Education from UCF.  

Steven currently runs a personal finance and travel blog with my wife, Lauren, called “Trip of a Lifetime.” Our blog was recently featured in Forbes, USA Today, Buzzfeed, Newsweek, and CNBC to name a few.  Check out the blurb at


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